5 Simple Tips to Keep in Mind When Attending a Classical Concert

Even if you are attending a classical concert for the first time, it should be obvious that the ambience at these recitals are often very different from that of a rock concert. In other words, attending one of these concerts requires one to be at their best behavior.

So, here are 5 simple tips that you should keep in mind when attending a classical concert:

#1: Formal Dress Code
Unlike a rock concert, where you can dress casually, a classical concert requires you to dress formally. It’s imperative that you keep this in mind or else you will feel out of place. For starters, wear clothes that you would wear to an interview or to the workplace.

#2: Stay Quiet
This is probably the most important rule to keep in mind when attending a concert. Talking, whispering, chewing gum, whistling or humming along with the music is frowned upon. It’s also best to leave items such as cell phones and watches with alarms at home. If this is not possible, turn it off completely. Also, stay as still as possible.

#3: Arrive in time
This is an important rule that must be adhered to when attending a classical concert. Arrive in time so that you can find your seat before the concert begins. Look at it this way: would you like anyone disturbing you when looking for their seat since they’ve arrived late.

#4: Hold your applause
Unlike a rock concert, it’s considered rude to applaud abruptly and while the artist is still performing his or her piece of music. If you’re not sure when to applaud, wait for the audience to applaud and then you can join in.

#5: Leave your seat at the intermission
Intermissions is the right time to leave your seat, make that all-important phone call, get to the restroom or even get a snack or drink yourself. Leaving at any other time means disturbing other attendees who are watching the concert.