3 Rock Stars that are ‘Class Acts’

If there’s anything that rock stars or musicians aren’t necessarily associated with, it’s getting high grades in their classes leave alone, obtaining college degrees or Doctorates. Yet the truth is that there are a few top notch musicians who would have made it in the ‘real world’ even if their music careers didn’t pan out – thanks to enviable grades in college and further.


So, here are 3 Rock stars that are ‘class acts’:

#1: Brian May

If you didn’t know Brian May, he is the guitarist for Queen, and has been instrumental in producing hits such as ‘We Will Rock You” among others that has immortalized the band in Rock N Roll History. However, when it comes to his academics, by the time Queen was formed in 1971, he had already earned a Bachelor’s degree in Math and Science and was working on his doctorate which he obtained in 2008 in astrophysics.

#2: Tom Scholz

Tom Scholz was not only one of the founding members of the band, Boston but he played almost every instrument while being responsible for most of their hits. Bu that’s not all – he earned a B.S and an M.S in mechanical engineering at MIT and also built the home studio which the band used to record their first hit. The rest they say is history, and the demo sold 17 million copies.

#3: Tom Morello

While being a guitarist for both Rage against the Machine and Audioslave, he graduated from Harvard with a degree in social studies. He not only worked with Alan Cranston, the U.S Senator, but also wrote an editorial recently in the Rolling Stones magazine expressing his disappointment about when Paul Ryan, the Republican vice-presidential nominee, said that Rage Against the Machine was one of his favorite bands.