3 Popular Sites to Share (and Promote) Your Music Online

It’s not really surprising when people say that the internet has indeed changed the music business. This has given musicians so many more options when it comes to sharing their music with audiences.

That said, and with so many sites and communities on offer, it can be difficult to pick which one works best.

That said, here are 3 popular sites to share and promote your music online:

#1: Last FM

One of the best features with Last FM is when an artists or band uploads their music, the site’s smart radio is able play these songs depending on their listeners’ tastes. You will also get an audience that is constantly looking to discover new sounds. But most of all, a Royalty program that allows you to make money everytime you listen to the radio is also available.

#2: Spotify

Spotify has the distinction of having almost every recording artist in their libraries. So, if you’d like your feature your music too, then it’s time to try your luck here too. In fact, you can use the Discover tool to find new artists or even established with whom you can get connected with.

#3: Soundcloud

If you’re an aspiring musicians, then SoundCloud is the place for you to begin your career with. Having almost 200 million users, it’s just too difficult to ignore. The beauty of using such a site is that it plays your music on any interface and share it with people in a number of ways.