3 Simple Tips That Can Get You More Work As A Musician

Being liked or called back for more work in the music community has more to do with remembering a few simple tips as opposed to just being talented.


While the latter might help you get regular work or make you a star, here are a 3 simple tips that can work just as well for a musician:


#1: Pay attention to the ‘sound man’

No matter what you think, the sound man is always on your side. If you sound good, that means he does too. Of course, if you piss him off, then that’s not likely to happen. Since his job entails creating the best sound for the audience, this usually doesn’t sit well with some musicians. This involves turning down an instrument or two. Before your reject his advice, know that he is probably the only friend you might have.


#2: Don’t stop a song if you break strings

Whether you’re a bass or guitar player, don’t stop the song if you’ve just broken a string. You can always play around the broken string for fun until you can replace it. If you must, have a backup ready and in tune just in case but no matter what, ensure you don’t stop the song.


#3: Use a tuner before playing on stage

Most people wouldn’t bother tuning their instrument with the help of a tuner because they are used to tuning it on their own. Avoid this mistake as it might sound right for your instrument but will be completely out of sync with the other instruments. That won’t please the audience.