Vanessa- Mae thanks Thai Government

Mae is hoping to gain public support for ending animal testing in Thailand. The Cruelty Free International Ambassador, is in the country to visit family and the Thai olympic Committee.

In April this year, Cruelty Free International received information that the Ministry of Public in Thailand was in the process of reviewing their process of non animal safety testing for cosmetics.

The star is hoping to use her profile to place a spotlight on the issue and to encourage decision makers to stop animal testing.

Vanessa-Mae says: “I am proud of my Thai heritage and the family roots I have in this country, so I am very encouraged to hear from Cruelty Free International that the Thai government has in principle accepted a phase-out of animal testing for cosmetics. I know that many people in Thailand are eager and impatient to hear of progress towards implementing this. It is now time for Thailand to demonstrate to the world that it is a modern, forward-thinking nation and to join the increasing number of compassionate countries around the globe showing their commitment to ending the horrific and unnecessary practice of animal testing for cosmetics.”

The EU banned animal testing for cosmetics in 2013. The Campaign to stop animal testing has been led by Cruelty Free International, including in Thailand. The organization has funded a project in Vietnam to teach scientist about alternative methods of testing. The organization has also released a report in 2014, which provided many alternatives to animal testing.

3 Marketing Truths That Musicians Should Be Aware Of

There are a number of reasons why some musicians, who make great music, never get noticed.

Among them include the inability to understand or use marketing as a tool to sell your music effectively. Or for that matter, comprehend the business side of the music industry itself.

Worse still is the fact that they will not be able to get any gigs or even progress in their career going forward.

That said, here are 3 marketing truths that musicians should be aware of:

#1: Raising Awareness is the Key

Just because you’ve made a quality album and have sent it out to both online and offline outlets that doesn’t mean that you will enjoy success in terms of album sales or downloads. You have create awareness of your music since there are so many bands vying for fans’ attention. Most of all, you have to convince them as to why your music is the best.

#2: Marketing is only Effective When it’s a Two-Way Process

A number of things that you do in music marketing might be a one-way interaction. However, this becomes far more effective if you make it a two-way process. For example, when you make posts on your social media site, fan might want to respond. Make sure you keep the conversation flowing instead of stopping right there. Getting them involved means having loyal fans who will stick around much longer.

#3: Music Marketing is an Ongoing Task

There’s a lot of time and energy that goes into the process of marketing your music. This doesn’t mean that you start promoting an album once you’ve put it out but start this ongoing process of music marketing once you’ve reached a level where you have a good level of talent to promote.

How to Purchase Acoustic Foam

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Are you in the market for acoustic foam? There are many reasons you might need acoustic foam. Some people use it to block sound from travelling through a wall, while others use it as a bass absorber in the recording studio. However, purchasing the right foam for your acoustic needs is easier said than done.

Just because foam is labelled “acoustic,” doesn’t mean it will meet your needs. There are many types of foam on the market from latex mattress from Canada Foam by Mail to foam for furniture cushions. What’s more, there are many different types of acoustic foam for sale. The good news is that there are many companies that specialize in acoustic foam products. With a little research, it’s easy to find the right acoustic foam. Here are some tips to help you purchase the right type of acoustic foam according to your needs and budget.

Find a retailer that specializes in foam. There are many retailers that sell foam, but not all of them are equal. It’s important to find a retailer that specializes in foam products. This means that they only sell foam. They know foam inside and out and have experience in both selling and working with foam. While it might be tempting to purchase acoustic foam from a music store or mega retailer, chances are you will not get the same quality or customer service than if you purchase it from a foam retailer. Going with the wrong retailer can end up costing you more money in the long run because you will likely have to replace the foam down the line.

Select the right kind of acoustic foam. As mentioned above, there are many different types of foam on the market, from foam for custom outdoor cushions to mattress foam. First, find the acoustic foam department of your selected retailer. Next, browse through the various types of acoustic foam on the market. Some include acoustic wedge foam, pyramid foam, sound barriers, and acoustic wave foam, to name a few.

It’s important to buy the right kind of foam depending on your needs. For example, if you need to stop sound from traveling through a wall, basic acoustic foam won’t do the job. Although it can block some sound, basic acoustic foam is mostly used to improve the clarity of sound within a room.

Purchase the right size. Most foam is available in a variety of standard sizes. However, if you don’t find a size that meets your needs, ask for a custom cut. Your foam retailer should be able to cut the foam to meet your measurements. If you want to cut the foam yourself, you can do so by using a sharp carving knife or electronic knife.
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