3 Tips to Remember When Presenting a Demo

Label executives are constantly barraged by demos all day and night with people trying to get in touch with them so as to get a record deal.

You can be sure that many of these demos aren’t heard at all, and end up in the trash can sometimes because of a few simple mistakes.

So, here are 3 tips to remember when presenting a demo so as to gain the listener’s respect:

#1: Put your best (and most sellable) song first

In most cases, listeners tend to judge whether or not they like the demo by the time they’re done listening to the first song itself. More often than not, that impression made by the first song might be the only shot that you’ve got, so if you’ve got a nice upbeat song, then it’s a good idea to put that at the top of the list of the demo.

#2: Avoid sending more than three songs at a time

Sending a demo CD with ten songs means not necessarily respecting the listener’s time. Moreover, with other demos to listen to, you can sure that the ones with fewer songs will be given a preference. So, send your best (and most sellable) songs but if more are requested then it’s a good idea to send them a list of a few songs but also remembering to highlight the songs you’d like for them to listen to first.

#3: Send a lyrics sheet along with your demo

Doing this gives the listener the impression that you are serious about making it in the music business and are willing to be as professional as you need to be.

While some listeners would like to listen to the music first before reading the lyrics sheet, several others would really appreciate this extra step taken. However, ensure that you avoid sending lead sheets because that practice ended about 50 years ago.