Radio Rewards Program

One of the larger online radio companies, Club 977, Inc, has become the first Internet radio network to offer listeners a point-based rewards program.  The points will be available both to those who listen to free music via their radio stations and to those who participate on the company’s website.  There are a variety of different prizes available for participants, including plane tickets, concert tickets, Nintendo Wii systems, and even cash.

Club 977, Inc started back in 2000 with a single station: The 80s Channel.  Today, they broadcast online music across ten different stations that can be found on their website,  Over one million web surfers visit their website each month to listen to music.  Thus, the company decided to create a more interactive experience for them, giving visitors new ways to interact with each other and to enjoy their music.

When users visit the site to listen to the radio, they have the opportunity to create a personal profile.  This will allow them to participate in social interaction with other users and to earn points toward prizes.  Users also have the ability to purchase MP3s from Amazon of songs that they like or concert tickets for bands that will be performing locally.  The site features on-demand playlists for easy access to your favorite streaming music. Entertainment news, stock numbers, weather forecasts, horoscopes, and lottery numbers are also available for viewing.