Tabbed Browsing & Internet Radio

Reading your favorite headlines, answering web-based e-mails, listening to online music… these days, there’s more than ever to see and do on the Internet.  Many of us are interested in doing quite a few things at once.  Luckily, Internet browsers have adapted to fit the way that we use the World Wide Web as time has passed. 

One of the best innovations is the concept of tabbed browsing, which allows a user to have multiple windows open in a single browser.  It was tabbing that made Firefox such a popular browser when Internet Explorer was the dominant force for surfing the web.  It was easy to have your favorite Internet radio station playing in one tab while you read up on the latest news in another.

Tabbing has become fairly standard in all Internet browsers now.  Internet Explorer features it, as does the newer Google Chrome browser.  However, Internet Explorer 8, released in March of 2009, looks to take back dominance by making it easier to open new tabs, allowing you to access your favorite websites, radio stations, and blogs more easily.  The browser has also been shown to load pages faster than version 7 and Firefox.  Considering the latter is well liked for its speed, this could mean that IE could once again become the favorite browser of both computer aficionados and casual users.