3 Ways to Scuttle Your Music Career

Making it in the music business is hard enough but staying there while making a living as a musician is twice as difficult.

With dedication, hard work, patience and a bit of luck, one might just be able to do that. However, one must also stay aware of pitfalls that might have looking for a day job in no time.

So, here are 3 ways by which a musician can scuttle their music career in no time at all:

#1: Treat People Badly

Being a jerk comes with knowing that you’ve made it in the music industry even if it isn’t nice. But people will put up with it if they know you’ve got what it takes. If you don’t just yet, then you have to avoid treating people badly at all costs. This has nothing to do with being confident about the music you wish to make but has everything to being condescending, demanding and rude in the manner exhibited by jerks you see everyday.

#2: Get Lazy

Let’s face it: you aren’t playing music as a hobby anymore but for a living. And that means music related responsibilities that you must keep or else you’d end up looking for a day job sooner or later. Make no mistake: the proverbial rock and roll fantasy is dead. You can’t afford to slack off either as there will always be someone else to take your place.

#3: Give In To Excesses

Partying round the clock is probably every musician’s dream yet there’s more than meets the eye. Don’t be surprised that when you give in to your excesses, you get kicked out of the band, lose bookings or even fans who might think that you’re not going to give them their money’s worth. While a lot of people will tell you that alcohol and drugs can enhance your creativity, nothing can be further from the truth.