25 Part-Time Jobs For Classical Musicians to Earn Extra Income

If you are a classical musician, you’ll already know by now that it’s difficult to make money solely as a performer.


So, it’s only fair that one takes up a number of jobs while they are able to make a career out of music. For this, here are 25 part-time jobs (apart from your career in classical music) that can help you do so:


#1: Cruise ship musician

#2: Write score for audio books

#3: Give music lessons on Skype

#4: Write for a music magazine

#5: Write a novel about music and musicians

#6: Design websites for musicians

#7: Give music lessons using YouTube

#8: Compose spiritual music or for Yoga

#9: Take some time away from classical music and sing pop music in restaurants

#10: Become a supplier of musical instruments and accessories

#11: Work as an agent by finding gigs for musicians while earning a commission

#12: Transact with music items on eBay

#13: Become a teaching assistant

#14: Become a piano tuner

#15: Run workshops in music

#16: Put together an amateur ensemble

#17: Write a How-to book on music and get it published on your own

#18: Write program notes for concerts

#19: Teach the second instrument that you play

#20: Purchase a recording studio

#21: Write a Theory of Music book

#22: Write letter requesting for assistance from big companies towards your projects

#23: Write lyrics for contemporary music

#24: Manage an orchestra

#25: Play Musicals with a pianist or even an orchestra