Foam: The Amazing Soundproofing Substance

Written by: The Foam Factory, Inc.

The Internet has made it easier than ever before to record and post your own music, voice over work or spoken word poetry online. All you need is a halfway decent microphone, and a soundproofed room. Most streamers and amateur artists lack the cash to rent studio space every time they have a new project, but with acoustic foam panels, you can soundproof a room and use it to record as needed.

Say you have an indoor space that is frequently noisy—maybe you’re lucky enough to have an incredible media room that houses a full-screen projector and a sound system perfectly calibrated to the entertainment you love, like Quentin Tarantino movies or the adrenaline pumping sounds of a Call of Duty match. Using sound-deadening foam is not only easy, but it could save you money that you’d otherwise spend fighting public disturbance citations in court. Simply line your room with these custom-cut foam panels to immediately reduce nearly all sound travelling through the walls and floors. Avoid glue, which can cause damage to the walls of your space, and use double-sided sticky tape instead.

There’s another benefit to using foam for your sound-insulating needs beyond just decibel dampening. Foam is great for outdoor use because it withstands weather exposure, which has an added benefit in your own home. Not only are you simply less likely to have mold or mildew creep into your walls, but if it should happen, sound-proofing foam can be easily cleaned, making your renovation project that much faster and cheaper.

Bio: Foam Factory, Inc. manufactures and ships bedding, packaging, acoustic foam and more from their factory in Southeast Michigan.