Vanessa- Mae thanks Thai Government

Mae is hoping to gain public support for ending animal testing in Thailand. The Cruelty Free International Ambassador, is in the country to visit family and the Thai olympic Committee.

In April this year, Cruelty Free International received information that the Ministry of Public in Thailand was in the process of reviewing their process of non animal safety testing for cosmetics.

The star is hoping to use her profile to place a spotlight on the issue and to encourage decision makers to stop animal testing.

Vanessa-Mae says: “I am proud of my Thai heritage and the family roots I have in this country, so I am very encouraged to hear from Cruelty Free International that the Thai government has in principle accepted a phase-out of animal testing for cosmetics. I know that many people in Thailand are eager and impatient to hear of progress towards implementing this. It is now time for Thailand to demonstrate to the world that it is a modern, forward-thinking nation and to join the increasing number of compassionate countries around the globe showing their commitment to ending the horrific and unnecessary practice of animal testing for cosmetics.”

The EU banned animal testing for cosmetics in 2013. The Campaign to stop animal testing has been led by Cruelty Free International, including in Thailand. The organization has funded a project in Vietnam to teach scientist about alternative methods of testing. The organization has also released a report in 2014, which provided many alternatives to animal testing.