Use Acoustic Foam to Minimize Echo

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

An effective noise control system is essential to having a quiet environment and to improve the comfort of your room and house. A proper acoustic system would also help to minimize echo during your band practices, while you record or play your musical instrument. It would also prevent the sound from seeping through the walls and potentially getting to your neighbours. A good way of preventing the escape of sound through walls, flooring and rooms is to use sound deafening foam panels. These panels would be able to tremendously reduce the impact of vibration, sounds and echoes.

Sound deadening foams is found in different shapes each having a different property. Some examples of these foams are wave foam, acoustic spade foam or the grid foam. Some foam insulation boards do not need the opening of walls. They can just be hung to walls to be effective. Some people choose to cover them in fabric for aesthetic reasons. These foams work by increasing the air resistance. This has the effect of attenuating sound waves. The energy created from the sound waves is transformed into heat and dispersed.

This method of sound absorption performs in quite a different way than regular soundproofing. The use of acoustic foams would prevent the propagation of mid to high frequencies. For lower sound frequencies, considerably thick foams would be required. Foams placed in orders of a room for soundproofing are called corner bass traps and are effective for these frequencies.

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