Acoustic Treatment for Home Recording Studios

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Written by: Foam Factory, Inc.

 Are you interested in turning one of your spare rooms into a recording studio? Before you go and spend all of your money on recording gear, you need to take care of your room’s acoustics first.

Without proper acoustic treatment, it can get really frustrating to record high quality audio samples. That’s why companies have created types of foam that control the sound reflections within the room, therefore improving sound recordings.

One of the common misconceptions of acoustic treatment is that it minimizes the sound levels passing through the walls. That is actually the process of soundproofing and the term is often used interchangeably with acoustic treatment. The primary purpose of soundproofing isn’t to make the room sound better but to block your walls with a dense and heavy material to minimize sound – there is also sound proofing foam available as well. While both forms are valuable, they do not do the job of the other.

To make your room sound great, you’re going to need to purchase a combination of bass traps and acoustic panels.

Bass traps are the most important item to add to your room. In some cases, this type of acoustic foam is all that you need because of their ability to absorb mid and high frequencies – as well as bass frequencies.

Acoustic foam panels are perfect as a supplemental tool to your bass traps. They have the ability to kill waves that exist between the opposite walls – which is something that bass traps lack. For maximum sound efficiency, these shouldn’t be used as the primary layering.