3 Music Marketing Tips for the Indie Musician

Given the growing the digital landscape, musicians can learn more about various social media distribution channels and boost their career as a result.

Even if you can’t make it to workshops and panels that are available especially for indie musicians, the internet can be a resource to help you get started too.

Here are 3 music marketing tips for the indie musician:

1: Keep something ready to give

No matter how small or insignificant it is, make sure you have something to give. This could be a business card, T-shirts or even CDs for that matter. Also, ensure that it is something that someone remembers you for. It could even be something as weird as sunglasses which doesn’t matter because it tends to be a popular giveaway these days.

colorfastmusic2 2: Be nimble and flexible

It’s very important to be flexible. Something will go wrong. You have to be flexible and nimble in order to roll with the punches. For example, your album might be due to be released but there will be some issues that will cause a delay. Blowing your top over it will not help. Instead, try and put a positive spin to it as this will avoid any controversy or won’t put people off.

3: Don’t neglect the back catalog

In the old music industry, musicians only had a limited time to do what they could to market their songs, thanks to a limited self life. This is gone for good. There have been cases when old songs have received the attention they deserve long after they’ve been forgotten. So, your back catalog is more of an asset than you can imagine. It’s always going to be new to someone. Just don’t neglect it.