How Artists Can Increase Their Chances of Getting Signed

Most artists dream of getting signed with a major music label but aren’t aware of what talent scouts are looking for, where and when they go looking for what they want.

Understanding this can be crucial for the simple reason that it will increase your chances of getting signed.

So, who are these reps?

Most A&R reps (an Artist & Repertoire representative) have a responsibility of finding an artist that will make their company money and which will justify their reason for being in such a position in the process. They usually follow trends or pursue artists that are sure to make them money and progress in their own careers.

Almost every A&R rep knows what they’re looking for – a band that shows promise in having a few potential hit songs under their belt, a more-than-marketable image, a distinct sound of their own and an impressive live show.

Most importantly, these reps also look for whether the band has a strong work ethic or will they leave the record label to do everything for them. In most cases, they also look at the personal responsibilities of the band that will affect the pursuit of their goals.

A&R reps usually look anywhere and everywhere for new talent: indie record labels, mp3s found over the internet, college radio stations, local club performances and more. They are depend on recommendations made from talent scouts, established bands, publishing companies and reputed producers and so on and so forth.

As for when they usually sign bands or artists, one can say that it’s mostly throughout the year but for the fourth quarter when the record label’s budget for projects have been used up.