Five ways to make a low budget music video

A good music video can really help you get more gigs, engage with your target audiences and make your music a lot more popular. The tips below will assist you in creating a good music video without breaking the bank.

  1. Two cameras are a must – If you’re on a budget opt for two cheap cameras, but this does mean that you will have to shoot in lesser quality. This is not always a bad thing, since once your video is uploaded it would have to be compressed. The great thing about using multiple cameras, is the ability to shoot different angles and have a backup recording just in case you loose footage.
  1. Lighting – Good lighting is vital, since video generally records darker than real life. If the video is shot outside during the day, choose a clear sunny day. If you are shooting at night, include a few extra lights if lighting is dim.
  2. Audio quality – Audio quality is needed for a successful music video. If you can’t afford buying good quality mics, you can rent them for a fraction of the cost. Stay clear of built in camera mics, since the audio tends to be echo-y.
  1. Editing – Basic editing software is sufficient and available for Mac (iMovie) and PC (Movie Maker). If you are unsure on how to use such software, online video tutorials are freely available.
  1. Resize your video – Once you have created your video, you may find that the file size is rather large. Compress them to a image size and quality you think is acceptable. The software mentioned above, will guide you on the quality suitable for web or DVD.