5 road safety tips for musicians on tour

Making sure you arrive safely from one gig to the next is as important as giving your fans your best performance. In order to reach your destination on time and safely, follow the tips below;


  1. Check your vehicle- Gigs can be a fair distance from one another, to ensure that you make your gigs on time, check your vehicle’s fluids, tires (tire pressure and ball joints), lights and windscreen wipers.
  2. Pack your equipment safely- Make sure all your equipment is safely packed at the back of your vehicle. Place the heavier objects at the bottom with the lighter ones on top. Secure your equipment with cables, to ensure that they stay in place in the event of an impact.
  3. Be cautious- Make sure you tailor your driving according to your weather conditions. This means that if you are experiencing very bad weather, stop your vehicle in a safe well lit area, until the weather clears. At least 10 hours prior to driving, make sure your driver is clear of any alcohol or drugs. Designate one of your band members to sit next to the driver to assist him/ her with the GPS and to make sure the driver does not fall asleep.
  4. Take your time- Ensure that you have sufficient time to reach a gig. If possible make sure that on long drives your band can get a few hours rest at a motel. Always designate at least 2 drivers for long drives and alternate.
  5. Be prepared for emergencies – Carry a first aid box, battery cables, a flashlight, flares, warm clothing and a cell phone battery charger.