5 Jobs for Music Lovers

There are plenty of jobs that are available for those who are not necessarily performers in the music industry.

In fact, there are plenty of jobs that one can get which aren’t related directly to the music industry itself.

Of course, these don’t require musical talent but would require creativity. That said, here are 5 jobs for music lovers:

#1: Disc Jockey

If you’re good at picking an excellent set of songs when listening to music by yourself, then why not play these selections for an audience?

Not only do you get to entertain others with a personality that’s can be best described as enthusiastic while also impressing them with your knowledge of music. In the process, you might become a celebrity as a result too.

#2: A&R Rep or Talent Scout

In this role, you will need to have a keen ear rather than being able to play

#3: Concert Promoter

#4: Music journalist

#5: Studio musician