3 Tips When Networking in the Music Industry

It’s evident that networking is a very important factor if you want to find recognition (money and fame) as a musician. You are nothing without the fans, aren’t you? If you understand that, you’d also understand why it is important for you to remain in ‘networking mode’ almost all of the time.
So, here are 3 tips when networking in the music industry:

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#1: Remain in Networking Mode
It’s funny how networking opportunities can be found in the most unlikeliest places. Interestingly, the influential people in the music industry are usually people who are not well-known. You won’t even know who they are until they have gotten to know and which is why you should be prepared to network no matter where you go.

#2: Avoid Gherming
The term ‘gherming’ is one which is used to describe a situation where in meeting someone influential, you throw a song demo or CD in their face. It’s not the best thing to do considering the reality that there is a time and a place to ask for such favors. If you are at an industry networking event, at their office, that’s alright but doing this when they’re out eating with their family at a restaurant can very annoying. Respecting people’s privacy is good manners.

#3: Ask for What You Need Professionally
It’s a golden rule to help someone else first and then ask for help. If you’ve done this before, the next step is to ask for help that is realistic and specific. Just saying that you need a big break isn’t the way to as for help. An example of being specific and realistic would be to say “ I am good at writing melodies but need the assistance of a lyricist”.